About This Project
After looking at the design of our previous Organic Store project, an owner of Australia's fresh food store could not wait to start a similar project to expand their business. The target audience can be within 3 hours of delivery. The goal is to keep the goods fresh when it comes to customers like the way they buy directly at the store.
About Us
@leolion - Responsible for drafting plans and ideas for key functions with the founder.
@samhotana - The developer of the idea, blowing soul into the UI design and has many helpful suggestions for the initial sketch

About Goodfruit
This is a start up from Australia. We were so luckly to co-working with the founder. They now have a chain of fresh food stores across the country. For the current order management is still manual and most customers come to buy directly at the store.

User Flow & Wireframes
It's a very important step. You will not be able to provide a good experience if you do not design a good flow. Defining which screens the user will go through in a simple way helps everyone understand how the product works and what we need to do.
Some of the use cases we have
1. As a shop owner, I always wanted to be able to deliver in 3 hours, So that I can keep the goods fresh
2. As a customers, I want to buy goods every week, I need to find a way so that they do not need to go to the website to order from the beginning​​​​​​​
3. As a shop owner, I want to optimize inventory with the mix packages according to the user style selected. So that I can selling items that aren't usually sold by putting them in bundles and additional formulas.
4. As a shop owner, I want to only ship when certain amounts are reached. So that I can maximum shipping cost savings.
5. As a shop owner, I want customers to buy as many items as possible, I might need a discount if I buy in bulk. So that I can consume goods fast in the season.
6. As a customer, I want to stop receiving goods for an optional period. Since I will need to travel or have a personal business for a period of time, I don't need to cancel my subscription.

We start to sketch the all the screens. We refer drawing on paper to creating a digital wireframes. It's make us easier to think, to feel the flow better

UI design
We start with a landing page. With products like these, the most important thing is to win customers' trust. A few pre-introductions will be a good start. After the user proceeds to log in, they will come to the real E-commerce function. Help classify the target audience and optimize CR.
Follow us to see the fantastic design coming.

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