Our project aims to establish a dynamic online platform that facilitates personalized learning experiences. We intend to bridge the gap between eager learners and expert instructors, offering two primary avenues for knowledge acquisition. First, we will provide a one-on-one mentoring system where learners can connect with instructors for personalized guidance. Second, the platform will host an array of exclusive teaching videos and resources, created and curated by skilled instructors.

@samhotana - The person in charge of the main idea and implementation for this project. This project includes items
- Branding design, guidelines
- Design a landing page introducing the platform and registration flow
- Design an administration system to create courses, records, and manage learning

One of our main objectives is to empower instructors to take charge of their content. They will have the autonomy to upload and manage their teaching materials, making it a user-friendly platform for educators. Learners, or parents on behalf of their children, will be able to explore the platform, discover suitable instructors, and engage in meaningful learning experiences.

In essence, our project seeks to revolutionize the way learners access expertise, offering a flexible and comprehensive learning environment that caters to a diverse range of subjects and interests.

After registration, the instructor profile goes through our team's verification process to ensure the quality of the instructor profile

Above is a preliminary introduction to the project. If you have similar ideas, you can work with us to implement them. I can share details on each use case when working with you. If you want to cooperate, please contact us on Behance or our website. Thank you!

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